About Us


"California's provider of premium PECANS"

HNH Nut Company was established in 2015 by Blake Houston and James Hamilton. HNH Nut Company continues to market under Hamilton Ranches as they continue to grow the Hamilton Ranches brand as well as expand the demand for high quality pecans on domestic and international levels.

HNH has pride in their quality, and are known for it. The company's operation includes the cleaning and dehydrating of the pecans which gives HNH an advantage over other processors in California, as well as the other 15 producing states. By having the ability to remove the hull from the pecans early in the process, pre-germination can be prevented; thus producing a lighter, fuller, and tastier nut than competitors. 

 HNH does not discriminate when it comes to order size. Whether you need 10 ounces to make one of their delicious recipes, 5 pounds for your small business, or a full truck load, HNH has you covered. 

HNH Nut Company believes in the value of agriculture and supporting farmers; as well as the importance of success for local businesses everywhere. Contact us, Let us know how we can be a service  to you!